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Bingo is one of those classics games that have stood the test of time. As games come and go, Bingo has always stayed behind in one form or another. What has perhaps allowed this classic to endure are the many interesting takes on the game which provide it with a fresh look but doesn't take away its essence. Players can enjoy new bingo games free as many gambling sites are realizing how popular this legendary game is.

Bingo which used to be played in casinos and clubs has now entered the virtual world and can be found on many websites in a multitude of forms. Sifting the good from the bad however can become quite the challenge and its best to always do some research on the best options available before committing to one.


This very simply named game is completely free top play and stays true to its original counterpart. The online version of this game has some amazing graphics to offer.

Bingo Luau

This one is perhaps one of the most interesting takes on the classic games. The luau themed game is free and set in a Tiki hut. Match the patterns on your number cards and call bingo as soon as you get it.

In addition to numbers there are also some color patterns to consider which add an interesting angle to the game. You can even win token on certain matches.

Slingo Blast

This one has a more dramatic look as you start blasting the squares of the board every time you get a match. This timed game requires you to collect s many points as possible and match numbers before the timer runs out of seconds.

Lottso Express

This one has taken on the role of two games to deliver an exciting new version. This Bingo Lotto combination asks you to scratch off number and provides you with 30 balls to match them up with. This 30 round game is great to pass a few hours on when bored.