Bingo Guide Book

Knowing Bingo Balls

Bingo is a type of lottery game wherein the gamers win by completing the pattern that they need to accomplish through the numbers called by the bingo caller. The bingo balls are not uniform in all games like in Keno, also the location of where the game is placed may contribute to the the numbers of the bingo balls present in the game.

In the American game, the balls come with seventy pieces and comes in different colors. These balls are numbered from 1 to 75 and the digits are grouped by letters B,I,N,G and O. The letter B has the numbers 1 to 15. The letter I has the numbers 16 to 30. The letter N has the numbers 31 to 45. The letter G has the numbers 45 to 60 and the letter O has the numbers 61 to 75. Take note that the assigned number will never appear in another row, making the marking of the game is easy.

The identification of the bingo balls are made easy by putting the letters above the number. Also, some balls in other games come in color coordination so that the classification of the balls are easy. The number of balls in a game also varies since some use 75 while some use 80, like in the Keno game and in this type, no letters for easy recognition are given. Playing the regular bingo is easy than Keno since first, it has lesser numbers and the digits come with letter codes, making the players have an easy time in marking-out the numbers. Some callers, make things easy by saying first the letter of where the number is located.

Stated above is the most commonly used format for bingo balls but in countries like Australia dn United Kingdom, the game is played a little different. Instead of having 75 numbers, they play up with 90 digits and their cards are in 3 by 9 size. The B column of the card will only have three numbers and there will be nine columns instead of the regular five rows and five columns of grid.