Bingo Guide Book

Bingo Rules - Follow These Simple Basics For Your Fun Night Out

Bingo is a fun way to pass the time and a great way to socialize and make new friends, who all have this simple game as a common interest. Here is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with just a couple of the bare basics when it comes to Bingo Rules.

Firstly all seats are for players only, so that means if you take a seat you have to play, you can't watch over your friends card, listen you have to be in it to win it, and this is a fun simple game, so participate from the off!

The person at the front of the room or at larger venues on the stage is called the 'Caller'. He will have an assistant called a floor walker, this person's job is to inspect all the cards, when the game is stopped to verify a winning card. It's not totally unusual every once in a while, for someone to have marked their card incorrectly, and if that is the case then the game just resumes, if however there is a winner, they collect a prize and a new game is started.

The caller will generally start a new game by announcing in his microphone: "Eyes Down". This is a call to action if you will, and you will want to stop chatting immediately if you want to follow the Bingo rules properly, as you won't want to miss any of the numbers or have someone from behind hushing you to keep quiet!

The idea of the game is as the caller pulls out one of the colored numbered balls on stage and calls it out, the players check their card or cards if playing more than one game. If they have the number printed in one of the boxes that's called, they strike it out so it can still be identified by the floor walker. If the last number left on your card is called, you loudly proclaim "Bingo" immediately. The floor walker calls the numbers marked back to the caller, and if you've marked them all correctly, congratulations, you now know your Bingo rules and you're a winner!