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Bag A No Deposit Bonus In Bingo And A Blast From The Past

Bingo or House Bingo as some call it, is a game of chance. In today's age of online gaming there are numerous operators that offer players a no deposit bonus in Bingo, to help them get acquainted with the workings of this very simple game. The original concept is a simple one, especially when the game is played at a Bingo hall, as was traditionally the case when games were first launched in 1929. Online is a slightly different affair where there are now a multiple of variations to choose from and what better way to start than with a no deposit bonus in bingo to get you off and running!

Name That Song!

There used to be a very popular song back in 1961 that folk back then just could not get out of their minds. You know the kind of song that wherever you go you hear it, over and over again. Dave Carey's ' Bingo Bingo (I'm In Love)' just so happened to be one of those songs. People everywhere would be singing the catchy title of this bouncy little favorite all about the numbers on the bingo balls that players would strike off of their bingo cards as they were announced by the caller.

The song being on everyone's lips at the time was seized upon by Top Rank Bingo to promote their Bingo games which they ran regularly during the week at Bingo halls throughout the United Kingdom with some even playing the song before the official "Eyes Down" announcement was made, for the serious business to begin.

Rumour has it that the artist Dave Carey is still alive and kicking as of Feb 2014, and although he finds it hard to walk these days, he has lost none of his personality, and that's coming from a taxi driver, who picks him and his wife up on a regular basis at his home in Brighton, England. I wonder if he would be up for a no deposit bonus in Bingo, whilst he's enjoying his retirement. I bet he would jump at the chance, he certainly never stopped singing about the game, that's for sure!